Magic is when we take our destiny into our hands.

Laura Michetti is an astrologer, diviner, writer, and teacher in the San Francisco Bay Area. Rooted in the western esoteric tradition, Laura’s practice focuses on the ritualized and divinatory magic of astrology. Educated at Kepler College, Pacifica Graduate Institute, and CIIS, Laura’s approach is deeply informed by ancient astrologies from the east and west, depth psychology, and the archetypal tradition. Laura’s scholarship in centered on the history of magic, and her astrology is equally informed by ancestral and evolutionary lessons.

Whether teaching classes, giving a reading, performing a divinatory inquiry, or engaging the body through Reiki, Laura seeks to balance the past with the future, to transmute learning into skill building, and to transform personal wounds into global healing.


Laura’s Credentials:

PhD Candidate in Philosophy, Cosmology, and Consciousness at the California Institute of Integral Studies.

Master of Arts in Comparative Mythology from Pacifica Graduate Institute.

Bachelor of Arts in Astrological Arts and Sciences from Kepler College.

Reiki Level 1 certified.