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Directness: A goal not always attained

Mercury goes direct on Thursday, March 28th, 2019 at 16 degrees Pisces but the effects may not be immediately felt. During this particular retrograde cycle, Mercury has been applying to a conjunction with Neptune, which has become quite intense this last week and will linger on into the first few days of April. Things are still not as they seem; we are still dreaming but we are beginning at least to become lucid. By now my previous warnings about fact checking, lost details, and spiritual fatigue have probably come to surface though the next two days may hold some surprises still. As the Moon conjoins Jupiter in Sagittarius on Tuesday there may be an impulse to indulge in food, drink, and merry-making and although an occasional innocent vice can be a powerful medicine against emotional fatigue and prolonged stress, Thursday’s somber Moon conjunct Saturn and Pluto will not hesitate to chasten our optimism. Those of us with cardinal heavy charts (planets in Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn) will do well to limit our enthusiasm and save any surplus for the rainy days that still lie ahead. Yes, the work we’ve been doing is paying off, and hints at recognition and empowerment are on the horizon, but the marathon is not over and it would be a shame to lose steam now. For everyone, music is the answer. Mercury and Neptune are joined by Venus and the arts will shine forth as the beacon of hope that they are; a reminder that despite confusion and in defiance of hopelessness, words, songs, and beauty can see us through.

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