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A retreat from retreat. Mercury Retrograde. March 2019.

This Tuesday Mercury goes retrograde in the sign of Pisces. For a moment there everything seemed like it was going to make sense, but that’s only because things were still hiding. Mercury’s retrograde will take it backwards from 29 degrees of Pisces to 16 degrees of Pisces. During this journey it will connect with both Jupiter and Neptune, a veritable recipe for lots- and I mean lots- of confusion. It may be begin to feel (if it doesn’t already) like information sources are unreliable, and failing to double check facts and details could result in poor decisions. This particular retrograde season though it will not be possible to avoid making significant choices that alter your life in some way. The larger Saturn-Pluto conjunction in the sign of Capricorn demands that foundation be laid, structures be built, and plans get carried out. The work you have done up to now will be your saving grace as you try to navigate the murky waters. Where once we may have turned to prayer, spiritual teachings, dreams, and imagination to find solace during difficult transitions, we are now faced with further degradation of those havens. In a living spiritual tradition, sacred sites and shrines occasionally lose their power. Spirit needs rest too. So rebuild your alter, give your favorite meditation grove some space, and trust that the spiritual traditions you have built up so far live not in the world outside but rather in the actions and choices you make every day.

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