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June, Bloom and Gloom

June 2019 promises to be an eventful month, a crossroads of sorts where paths converge, labyrinths unfold, and the gods make good on their promises – but only if you made an offer they can’t refuse. In the sky, Mars is approaching an opposition to Saturn and Pluto, the larger conjunction that is more or less dominating the field of earthly life during this and next year. Mars quickens, and areas of life that have felt pressured, or heavy, or simply slow and lethargic will begin to show signs of movement, but this does not come without discomfort. Where Saturn and Pluto ask ‘what are you building’ and ‘how can you transform’, Mars shows weaknesses in foundations and adds a bit of the 'ripping off an old bandaid’ quality to growth processes we might prefer remained well-protected. Trust that healing is not only possible but underway, and sometimes we need to look at wounds to ensure they are mending properly. Over the next three days, expect some resolutions to present themselves to ongoing problems in areas of your life ruled by cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) though again, the name of the game is sacrifice and with t-squares, something always has to give. The Sun and, later in month, Venus are squaring off with the planet Neptune, enticing us to escape the hard edges of reality with favorite palliative measures like alcohol and Netflix binges. Better to build an altar and honor your spirits and ancestors, or to get lost in the world of art and music. Fighting urges to dream and fantasize will only strengthen their power; enjoy the blurry boundaries and allow yourself some unstructured visualization time. You have to dream it up before you can build.

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