Similar to a tarot or rune reading, astro divinations answer a single, important, yes-or-no question by analyzing the position of the planets and stars at the moment of the question. Based on the idea that within the moment of any given question lies the answer to that question, astro divination utilizes traditional horary astrology techniques but with a touch of modern magic.


It starts with a question…

The Process

Due to the oracular nature of the system, great care and certain 'rules' must be followed by the person asking the question. Firstly, your desire for resolution and understanding must exceed your desire of a particular outcome. Secondly, the question must be formed in such a way that a simple yes or no answer can be given (though the reading will include details.) And lastly, the question should be unique in that it has not been asked of multiple other oracles such as the i-ching, tarot, or runes.

Spend some time deciding what exactly you need to ask and how to best formulate the question. Questions that start with 'Should...' are generally not well formulated. Once your question is formulated and you are ready to get an answer, even if it might not be the answer you want, email your question to laura@lauramichetti.com. From there we’ll schedule an appointment to discuss the results.

In addition to providing guidance to a wide range of emotional and practical questions, horary astrology can be used to find lost people, pets, or items. I do accept these types of questions but will only provide an interpretation if the chart shows a reliable answer. Inquiries of this sort should follow the same process as all others.

$40 per question. Discussion usually lasts thirty minutes.

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