Ritual Readings

A ritual reading is a way to experience the heights of an astrological consultation, while remaining firmly grounded in the Earth. It is also an invitation into the depths of psyche. Ritual readings are deep diving sessions intended for those who are in need of liberation from long standing issues, resolution of painful pattern cycles, and healing from sustained wounds. These sessions require willingness and effort on the part of the client. Together we will cultivate and explore a magical space wherein we will discover the gifts and tools that will contribute to lasting change and ultimate empowerment.


Embodied astrology

for deep transformation

The Ritual

Each ritual reading will begin with an invocation to the archetypal energy that is dominating your cosmic landscape. I ask that you bring a small ritual object to contribute to the ceremony. You should come prepared for elemental exposure (fire, smoke, water, etc) and in a health state conducive to reciting, kneeling, and movement.

The Reading

Anchored in the wisdom of your natal chart but responsive to the energies evoked through The Ritual we will look over your birth chart together, in dialogue. Depending on your needs we can focus on looking ahead, to uncover a best path forward, or we can look behind, to see what decisions and psychic complexes have lead to the current situation.

The Healing

Using fundamental Reiki principals alongside my own energy cleansing methods we will spend some time discovering the energy centers in your body that are activated by the dominant archetype. Any blockages will be addressed and recommendations for maintaining clear channels will be offered.

Booking Details

Ritual readings are done on weekends in the San Francisco Bay Area and last 2.5-3 hours. Home visits are possible for extreme cases. The cost is $200. Sliding scale is available.

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